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Looking for the fastest and safest way to import and export your goods anywhere in the world?

As one of Dubai’s premium logistics and freight forwarding services companies, you can trust RSL to transport your goods safely and cost-effectively in different parts of the world. High value whether it’s an automobile component, electronic, garment, house hold article, leather product, and goods required delivered to deadline of the end user, RSL can help you handle all air freight shipments and deliver your cargo, door to door, Airport to Airport, or in-between.

With the help of our network RSL offices and expert network partners throughout the world, we can coordinate a smooth and efficient air freight movement of your goods in the most professional, reliable, and cost-effective manner. We provide top-notch air freight forwarding services based on your schedule and business needs.

A Reputable Air Freight Forwarding Company

Recognized as one of the best air freight forwarders in Dubai, RSL does more than just simply move your goods on and off an airplane. We provide expedited air freight forwarding services and international air freight to various destinations around the world. Our airport-to-airport service is perfectly suited for customers with a high volume of business requiring time-critical delivery.

With our experienced team, we can help you select the most appropriate carrier for your shipment. We have assembled a team of dedicated professionals who can help address all your air freight forwarding needs. Our experts are certified and highly experienced to understand air freight and help you with all available options to ensure that your needs are addressed promptly.

  • ● General Cargo – RSL helps you get competitive rates with guaranteed space for general cargoes, dangerous goods, and specialised shipments.
  • ● Charters – RSL offers custom made services and chartering for any cargo size. We facilitate ‘Live’ communication and urgent air freight services anywhere in the world.

We Provide First-Class Air Freight Forwarding Services

RSL helps get you goods delivered at the right time! As an international freight forwarding company, we provide limitless options to help you move your cargo, quickly, smoothly, and cost-effectively from anywhere in the world. From sea freight services to air freight services and beyond, RSL can assist you in handling any issue that may arise with your goods so you can focus on what you do best, building your business.

  • ● Custom Clearance
  • ● Barcoding
  • ● Bonded Warehouse Storage
  • ● Import Handling and Delivery
  • ● Food and Drug Administration Filing
  • ● Transport Insurance
  • ● Packing /Repacking
  • ● Short Term Storage
  • ● Merge-in-transit
  • ● Cargo Security Management
  • ● Labeling
  • ● Shrink Wrapping
  • ● Temperature-controlled Transportation
  • ● Air – Air transshipment Services
  • ● Air – Sea & Sea -Air Transshipment Services
  • ● Cargo Assembly Service
  • ● Real-time Tracking/ Data Export

Are you searching for a reputable international air freight forwarder in Dubai? Contact RSL today and reap the benefits of a secure, safe, cost-effective, and personalized air freight forwarding services from a certified freight forwarder.

Our services provide

Custom Clearance Barcoding Bonded Warehouse StorageImport Handling and DeliveryFood and Drug Administration Filing

Transport InsurancePacking /RepackingShort Term StorageMerge-In-TransitCargo Security Management

LabelingShrink WrappingTemperature-controlled TransportationCargo Assembly ServiceReal-Time Tracking/ Data Export

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