Break Bulk

Transportation of bulk, break-bulk, project and heavy cargo, military equipment and other non-standard cargoes that are too big or too heavy for a container (NCL – Non Container Load). Vessel chartering and forwarding ship cargo lots.

When should this type of transportation be considered

The proposal of the most efficient and economical way of delivering your cargo is always the most urgent issue for a logistics company. For shipment that based on the route, the ships, at, RSL Group we have combined the capabilities of first-class Ship-owners, shipping, most efficiently transport quantity of cargo and other conditions. Agencies and Ship Brokers in different countries of the world to provide a full range of ship forwarding services in any ports of the world, as well as ship chartering

The freight market remains the most conservative in the industry, and professionals with a reputation and proficiency always play a key role. Based on the experience of professionals in the field of chartering with great practical skills, as well as the most modern methods of digital and mathematical modeling in place with statistical algorithms, we manage to provide the most competitive freight rates and the optimal options for transportation of various types of cargo in ship lots, including vehicles and oversized equipment.

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