Who We Are

RSL was established in April 2007, with an objective of meeting the demands of a dynamic service sector, in order to provide superior service standards and efficient solutions to organizations across multiple specialized industries.

Leveraging the expertise of our global partners we are well equipped to handle the transportation and logistics needs of a wide range of industries that distinguishes RSL . Industries such as Manufacturing , Oil & Gas , Energy & power , Hi Tech , automotive and construction. The logistics transportation of oversized and heavy items is another specialised area where RSL have focused from its tradition expertise that consist of complex components that require be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled.

Our multi-faceted team is dedicated to the entire process, from planning a smooth transportation for niche and specialist shipments that require individual attention and effective integration.

RSL’s unique strengths enable customers to harness the benefits from a network, expertise and support that can only be provided by a privately owned forwarder that offers a combination of industry expertise, unique solutions and customer centric technology to give you the best service on time, within budget, flexibly to and from any destination you desire. The synergy of our combined local and international experts offer not just higher value for customers, but also a deeper understanding of opportunities and risks that are instrumental to success of logistics supply chain.


We believe in attention to detail and sharing information and simple as you would expect it to be. With International markets adopting stringent procedures and regulations it is important that our clients are well informed of local authority requirements and procedure awareness of the vertical for the best delivery of their goods & needs in order to avoid potentially costly failures. Our staff will be happy to furnish you with the necessary information from procedures, to regulations and documentation, 24x7 ensuring a smooth operation and delivery of your goods meeting deadlines under a common platform.


Our team of dedicated professionals know that every minute counts. They understand the practical, operational and engineering aspects of your general and project cargo to be efficiently manage and the entire process of documentation to meet with customer timeline deliveries.

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