Energy & Power

Transport for the energy industry involves the movement of oversized or out of gauge project cargo. Moving wind turbines or power plant generators across the country requires careful planning and strategy. Freight forwarders and logistics departments must work with local and international authorities to get energy products and equipment safely to their destinations. The transport of power equipment or products also requires the right kind of transportation equipment as well as specialized and certified drivers and staff that know how to handle hazardous materials and operate specialized trucks and other machinery for the movement of these products. RSL Group provides transportation and logistics solutions for oil, gas and other energy companies around the world.

• Certified to handle hazardous containers and dangerous goods – ensuring proper packing, labeling and cargo segregation.
• Energy transport by land, air, sea or rail, as well as multimodal capabilities.
• Global network – ship power and energy freight anywhere in the world.
• 24/7 tracking portal.
• Experts in project, heavy haul and OOG shipping.
• Exceptional customer service.
• We handle import and export documentation.
• Handle permitting for moving oversize loads.
• Turnkey transport and logistics solutions for energy projects.

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